My favorite travel resources

The internet is filled with travel planning information. There are lots of travel planning sites and lots of travel blogs. How can someone know what information to use? The answer comes down to your expectations and experience. Depending what you expect from your trips, some sources are better than others and the more you travel the quicker you find resources. Here are some good resources I use all the time for planning my trips.


Trip Advisor
Very helpful site for most tourist attractions across the world. I find Trip Advisor invaluable especially in the beginning phases of planning a trip.
Excellent collection of tours, museum tickets and city passes throughout the world. If you’re looking for a walking tour or boat ticket then Viator is the place to search. Viator is also a great place to figure out local itineraries even though you will not buy anything.
The Secret Traveller Blog
The travel writer from 1Cover has gone incognito to share some of the best kept secret spots around the world and other useful travel tips (collaboration with 1Cover).

Plane tickets

Air France/KLM
I have always been impressed by the service and prices from AirFrance KLM, even before becoming the same company. Their connections to Europe are great and their prices are the best. Highly recommended.
Cheapo Air
A good place for bargain hunters. Sometimes you can find great deals if you are really flexible on your travel dates.
Sky Scanner
Great mobile app and website for setting up price alerts for certain routes. Another great site for bargain hunting…if you’re flexible again.


I have used throughout England, Italy, Germany and Austria. Everytime I have found that the reviews were true and I could actually get in touch with the hotel staff and get my questions answered. I highly recommend this website.
I have used throughout California with very good results: excellent service for the price paid. Marriott seems to be overpriced in Europe, but in the USA, it is an excellent value.

Car rental

Auto Europe
In Europe I have rented from all major car rental services: Hertz, EuropeCar and Enterprise. You can save quite a bit of money by using Auto Europe to compare prices and services. Highly recommended.
Over the last 15 years I have received excellent level of service and prices from Hertz especially in America. In Europe as well, Hertz has offered excellent service even though the price was slightly higher than other providers.


Garmin Nuvi GPS
Works without internet connection and very reliable .

Motorola unlocked smart phone
Any unlocked smart phone will do as long as it is dual band.

Two simple electric plug adapters for Europe.

USB car charger with two ports
This keeps my Garmin charged along with my phone, while driving.

Keepcalling calling card and phone app
Cheapest calling card and excellent app. Please use referral code: F4640 when signing up for an account.


Wells Fargo Debit Card
Costs me just $5 for each cash withdrawal without added foreign transaction fees.
Capital One 360 Checking Account
If I would open another checking account, this one is the best for foreign travel.
Capital One Credit card
Great cash back and no foreign transaction fees.
For sending/receiving money to/from any foreign country. Lowest fees and the best coverage.