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My 8 favorite cute and quaint country cottages

Houghton, England – Beautiful fairy tale country cottage
Houghton, England - Beautiful fairy tale country cottage

For all of us who live in urban areas, we dream about a cozy country cottage surrounded by flowers and grape vines. In my travels I have found a few of these cozy and cute country cottages that look very idyllic. Read on to see my favorite cozy and quaint country cottages from all over the world.

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Sighisoara, Romania – lose yourself in time and mystery

Church in Sighisoara, Romania - thumbnailWe came to Sighisoara from Brasov on a sunny day in September. We got off the train in a small train station that was just too quiet. We thought that Sighisoara was a very popular tourist attraction in Romania and we assumed that it would be pretty busy at this time of year, but we were wrong and we didn’t mind it. It was actually very pleasant to walk around a small old city and not be surrounded by lots of people.

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Sighisoara, Romania travel photos

Sighisoara, Romania - Old defense tower. We have visited Sighisoara in September 2007 but it took me a long time to actually post pictures from our trip. We loved Sighisoara, even though they were still doing lots of building and fixing up. The old fortress on the hill is the main attraction but even the city at the bottom of the hill is very nice to stroll through. You can read more about this mysterious city in my travel destination guide for Sighisoara, Romania in my See more pictures

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Sibiu, Romania is a true European Cultural Capital

Sibiu, RomaniaEver since Sibiu was designated European Cultural Capital for 2007, this became a really big deal in Romania. Everybody was talking about it and lots of money was invested in remodeling the old city center. Regardless what people say, I believe that the city did an amazing job with the remodeling. Sibiu’s Large Square looks on par if not better than other large European cities.

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Brasov, Romania – A beautiful European old town

Brasov, RomaniaBrasov is one of the largest cities in Romania and a great commerce and tourist hub for the country. We have visited Brasov a few times and we keep noticing how clean the Main Square is. The city does a great job keeping the touristy areas clean. We love to walk the streets leading to the Main Square and once we’re there we enjoy very much just sitting on a bench and looking at children playing with the pigeons. On a sad note, the Black Church was again closed for visiting…this was the third time in a row when we couldn’t visit this must see tourist attraction in Brasov…maybe next time.

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Famous arches of triumph across Europe

Who said that only the French have an Arch of Triumph? Well there is another one in Bucharest, Romania…it’s a little smaller…but it is called the Arch of Triumph and serves the same purpose as the original Arch of Triumph in Paris, France. The Romanian military uses the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest as the focal point for their yearly parade, just like the French military marches on Champs d’Elysees on France National Day on July 14th.

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