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9 favorite cute and quaint country cottages

Houghton, England - Beautiful fairy tale country cottage For all of us who live in urban areas, we dream about a cozy country cottage surrounded by flowers and grape vines. In my travels I have found a few of these cozy and cute country cottages that look very idyllic. Read on to see my favorite cozy and quaint country cottages from all over the world.

Houghton, Cambridgeshire – get your English village cuteness fix

The small village of Houghton in Cambridgeshire, England is a typical small old English village full of personality and charm. Boasting a few old thatched roof cottages and an old village pub, Houghton will make you feel very British all of a sudden as you walk through the village. In addition, Houghton boasts a few very pleasant tourist attractions that might surprise you. Read on to find out.

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