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Pasadena, California – The tournament of Roses post parade review

Every year the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California puts on the best show. Entitled the Tournament of Roses, this amazing parade is all about flowers and in particular about roses. We always wanted to go to the Rose Parade, but with two small children coming out in the very early hours of the morning just to get a somewhat decent seat, is out of the question. So, we opted to come see the floats in what is called the Post Parade event where you come admire the floats that have been parked on a couple of wide streets. Is it really worth it? Well, read on to find out.

Scottsdale, Arizona – Beautiful flowers and sunset

Scottsdale, Arizona - Curved cacti in the desert. Here’s another travel gallery from my brother. I have gotten used with his great pictures and I can’s wait to see them every time he comes back from vacation. This time they went to Scottsdale, Arizona. He didn’t give me any city pictures but he gave me some great nature pictures. Check out my brother’s nature pictures from Scottsdale Arizona. I love desert pictures and my brother is very patient with the camera and plans each picture very well. You can clearly see the results.

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