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4 beautiful day trips from Brussels, Belgium

Bruxelles, Belgium is not on my favorite destinations list, it’s not even close to making my favorites list. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to see around Bruxelles. On the contrary, there are four beautiful places to visit within one to two hours drive from the Belgian capital. Whether you decide to make it a day trip or spend more days, every one of these four places will delight your eyes and senses. Read on about four beautiful day trips from Bruxelles, Belgium.

Brussels, Belgium is not very exciting

Bruxelles, Belgium - European ParliamentWhat can I say about Brussels or also called Bruxelles? We visited Brussels after visiting Paris and there is simply no comparison. But that’s to be expected right? I don’t know of many cities that can be compared with Paris in terms of tourist attractions. Well, Brussels is on the other side of the spectrum when compared to Paris…it lacks tourist attractions. It’s true that you have what to see in a couple of days but if you’re trying to stay more than two days in Brussels as a tourist you’ll probably be very bored.

Famous arches of triumph across Europe

Who said that only the French have an Arch of Triumph? Well there is another one in Bucharest, Romania…it’s a little smaller…but it is called the Arch of Triumph and serves the same purpose as the original Arch of Triumph in Paris, France. The Romanian military uses the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest as the focal point for their yearly parade, just like the French military marches on Champs d’Elysees on France National Day on July 14th.

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